Withdrawal/Tuition Refund Appeal form

A Withdrawal Appeal is the process of considering if a student is eligible for a class withdrawal after the
posted period has passed for a session within a term due to extenuating circumstances, including
medical reasons. If granted, the course(s) in question will remain on the student record with a nonpunitive
grade of “W”.
A Tuition Refund Appeal is the process of determining if a student is eligible for a tuition refund
exception outside of the posted refund dates within a term due to extenuating circumstances. If
granted, it may involve the removal of the course(s) in question from the student record.
A student has 1 year from the last day of finals for the session to file a Withdrawal/Tuition Refund
Appeal. Before deciding to apply for a refund, the student must review the refund policy and
guidelines on the Student Business Services webpage to determine if the criteria has been met.

If a student has received any type of financial aid or loan, they must consult with the Financial Aid
Office before submitting the Withdrawal/Tuition Refund Appeal Form to see how it may affect the aid
or loan.

Examples of appropriate circumstances for an appeal include, but are not limited to:

  • Death of the student or of an immediate or very close family member (death certificate or official obituary notice must accompany appeal)
  • Medical issues (documentation on an official medical authority’s letterhead must accompany the appeal)
  • Call to active military duty (official orders must accompany appeal)
  • An accident that prohibited the student’s continued attendance (police report, medical documentation as described above must accompany the appeal)
  • Administrative error
  • Severe family circumstance/hardships
  • Involuntary change in employment
  • COVID-19 related withdrawal requests for Spring 2020 and Summer 2020

These are some examples of circumstances that will NOT be considered for an appeal:

  • Incomplete appeal form and supporting documentation
  • Past the 1 year deadline for submitting an appeal
  • Change in employment
  • Inability to a transfer course to another college/university
  • Failure to seek academic and/or financial advisement before registering
  • Dissatisfaction with a course content, professor or grade

What does a student need in order to file a Withdrawal/Tuition Refund appeal?

  • The student must complete and submit the official Withdrawal/Tuition Refund Appeal form with all accompanying documentation to the Registrar’s Office by either:
    • Emailing the appeal package to
    • Delivering a hard copy package to the Student Solutions Center in the Student Center Building; or Mailing to:

University of North Texas at Dallas
ATTN: Registrar’s Office
7300 University Hills Blvd
Dallas, TX 75241‐4605