Class Registration

Class Schedules

Current class offerings for UNT Dallas may be accessed through MyUNTDallas.

View MyUNTDallas Student Center help document

How can I see which classes are being offered this semester?

Log into your Student Center and click on "class search". Enter the appropriate Course Career, Term, and Subject (ex: SPCH, SOCI, etc.), and then click "search".

How can I see which classes are being offered in a future semester?

Just before registration begins for the upcoming semester, you will be able to view the classes being offered by logging into your student center and clicking on "class search". Enter the appropriate Career/Course Career, Term, and Subject (ex: SPCH, SOCI, etc.), and then click "search".

How can I see which classes were offered in a previous semester?

Please email the Registrar Office at for more information.

How do I change my major?

Complete the Change of Major form found here (/important-forms).  Once you complete it, you will need to have your advisor sign it, before we can process it.

Why do I have an Advising hold on my account from the Registrar Office?

This hold means you need to schedule an appointment with your advisor.  The Advising Office can be reached at 972.338.1645 or

I have been dropped from my classes due to non-payment. What do I do now?

If you are a Veteran and are anticipating VA funds pay for school, please contact the Veteran Certifying Official.  The Veteran Certifying Official can be reached at 972.338.1770 or

If you are receiving Financial Aid for the summer, please follow up with the Financial Aid office to make sure they have all the documents they need from you.  Financial Aid cannot submit your file to the Federal Government, for review, until they have received all paperwork from you. They can be reached at 972.780.3662 or Financial aid must show as “pending” on your account, in order for you not to be dropped from your classes.

If you are waiting for Financial Aid to process or are having trouble paying your entire bill all at once, an Installment Plan, might be a good option for you.  Contact the Student Financials Office for more information.  They can be reached at 972.780.3658 or

How do I come back to school if I have been suspended?

You will need to set an appointment with the Probabtion and Suspension Advisor, in the Advising Office.  They can be reached at 972.338.1645 or

How do I prove I am a resident?

Information regarding residency can be found here (/important-forms).  Here you will find the Core Residency Questionnaire and information on documentation you can submit to prove your residency.  If this is your first semester at UNT Dallas, and you graduated from a Texas High School, have lived in Texas for 36 months leading up to high school graduation and have lived in Texas for the last 12 months, please complete the Senate Bill 1528 Affidavit. You can get the Senate Bill 1528 Affidavit from the Admissions Office.

Where can I get a DART pass?

After the census date, you can come to the Registrar Office to pick up the Reduced Student Application that you can take to DART.  We cannot give out the application until after the census date (usually 2 weeks after the first day of the semester). The census date for each term can be found on the Academic Calendar (/academic-calendars).

$1,000 Tuition Rebate Information

(THECB Rules: Chapter 13, Subchapter F, Section 13.91-13.98)

The University of North Texas at Dallas notifies all first-time freshman students of the tuition rebate program through notice in the university catalog. When requested by potentially eligible students who have early registered and meet all course requirements, UNT Dallas will provide these students opportunities to enroll during each fall and spring semester in the equivalent of at least 12-semester credit hours that apply toward their degrees. UNT Dallas is not required to provide students with the opportunity to enroll in specific courses or special sections. In addition, UNT Dallas will provide all students with appropriate forms and instruction for requesting a tuition rebate.

Eligible students will receive rebated tuition within 60 days after graduation. If a student is found to be ineligible for a rebate a statement explaining why the student is ineligible will be sent. UNT Dallas will provide a dispute resolution process to resolve disputes related to local administration of the program and reserves the right to adopt rules and regulations for administering the program.

For detailed rules on administration of the $1000 rebate please see the application below.

$1000 Rebate Application (pdf)