Commencement Frequently-Asked Questions

Can I decorate my cap?

Yes! We encourage our students to showcase their individuality by decorating their cap and look forward to seeing the designs at Commencement! However, the use of glitter and sequins is strictly prohibited and caps decorated with glitter, sequins, or any other material that could leave behind a mess will be confiscated. 

Where can I order my cap/gown/stole/class rings/announcements?

Students should follow these instructions to order their cap and gown online:

Visit the Jostens UNT Dallas site here: UNT Dallas Jostens Cap & Gown Link

  1. Click on Graduation Caps and Gowns link on the right hand side of the page
  2. Click on Student Master or Student Bachelor in the pop-up box
  3. (Master's Students Only) Click on Masters Cap, Gown, Hood, Tassel w/School Custom Charm option or Bachelors Cap, Gown, Tassel w/School Custom Charm (Note! Your UNT Dallas regalia will look different than the icon pictured)
  4. Click on Customize
  5. Indicate your Height and Weight and click Next
  6. (Master’s candidates only) Indicate your major
  7. Click Add to Cart
  8. Enter your name in the Recipient First Name and Recipient Last Name boxes
  9. Click Checkout (You will not pay until you pick it up)

The commencement gowns for both graduates and undergraduates have changed. Due to the uniqueness of the new commencement gowns, students will not be able to reuse gowns from previous commencements or purchase their gowns from another source.

When and where is the commencement ceremony?

For Commencement information for the current semester visit this link -->

What if I have earned honors?

An email will be sent out to all students who qualify for honors. This email will include information on how to order and wear honors regalia for commencement. The commencement program will include a notation on applicable honors based on the student’s current GPA  prior to grades posting. UNT Dallas recognizes the following Latin honors:

Cum Laude – 3.5-3.69 GPA
Magna Cum Laude – 3.7-3.89  GPA
Summa Cum Laude – 3.9-4.0 GPA

Students with memberships to an honor society or student organization should contact that society or organization for information on their honor’s awards.

The GPA used to calculate your honors is determined by the following;

Graduating Semester is Fall 2015 to Summer 2019 = Overall GPA (Cumulative UNTD + Transfer work)
Graduating Semester is Fall 2019 or beyond = UNTD GPA (Cumulative UNTD work only)

We will use the GPA associated with the semester you are walking in commencement in for determining whether you are eligible to purchase a stole. This means that you may not be meeting honors going into commencement and thereby not be eligible to wear the honor's stole at the ceremony but, with the posting of your final grades, end up meeting honors after the ceremony. In this case your diploma will state your honors as well as your transcript. You will be able to receive a stole at that time. 

What can I take with me to commencement?

Students should leave personal items in their vehicle or with their guests prior to reporting to the line-up room. Students will not be able to carry items with them across the stage, nor will they be able to leave their items in the line-up room. The recessional line (when students leave commencement) will not return to the line-up room, and will instead take the students straight out of the building. There will not be any opportunity for students to return to the line-up after commencement has begun.

Guests are encouraged to celebrate their students with flowers, gifts, and cheerful smiles. The following items, however, will not be permitted in the commencement auditorium:

  • Air horns or megaphones.
  • Balloons
  • Large signs, flags or laser pointers, or incendiary devices. 
  • Alcohol or any outside food items (Water bottles with caps are permitted)
  • Drones or any unmanned flying vehicles

What happens during commencement?

Students will line up in the line-up room and begin to process into the auditorium sharply at the start time for commencement. During the commencement exercise students will be instructed on when to stand and line up, process across the stage, and return to a seat (likely not the same seat). After closing remarks, students will process out of the auditorium, through the lobby, and into the parking lot. Guests are encouraged to meet their students outside as re-entering the building will not be permitted.  

Where can I meet my guests after commencement?

The recessional line will not stop in the lobby. Students will be led out of the building and can meet their guests outside in the parking lot. Re-entering the building and crowding around the exit doors will not be permitted. Please arrange to meet your guests in the parking lot, or at another location off-site.

Where can my guests and I park on commencement day?

For parking information and commencement information follow this link -->