Excessive Hours

Texas Education Code § 54.014 establishes a maximum number of semester credit hours an undergraduate student may attempt while paying Texas resident tuition. A student who exceeds the maximum hours will be charged the non-resident tuition rate.

Hour limitations

  • First term in TX public institution prior to fall 1999 – Exempt
  • First term in Texas public institution from fall 1999 to summer 2006 – 45 hours over degree program
  • First term in Texas public institution from fall 2006 to the present date – 30 hours over degree program

Attempted hours include

  • Earned and unearned hours (including non-passing grades)
  • Withdrawn courses (includes administrative/non-academic)
  • Repeated courses

Hours excluded

  • Credit hours excluded from the student record due to an election of admission under Academic Fresh Start
  • Credit hours earned from courses taken before receiving a previously-awarded baccalaureate degree
  • Credit hours earned by examination (AP, CLEP, IB, or SAT II)
  • Credit from remedial and developmental courses
  • Credit hours taken at a private institution or an out-of-state institution
  • Credit hours taken as dual-credit prior to high school graduation

Double Major, Double Degree, Minors

Additional major/degree/minor does not extend the maximum attempted hours limit

Appeals Process

  • Email written appeal to registrar@untdallas.edu
  • Appeal deadline: Census day of the current term
  • Appeals will be reviewed by the Excessive Hours Review Committee
  • If an exception is granted, students may email registrar@untdallas.edu  once grades have posted and degree audits have been verified
  • Denied, approved, and conditional exemptions will be emailed to the student’s UNTD email address after the Census Day for the current term