Summer 2020 Temporary Pass/No Pass


For Summer 2020 courses only, students have the ability to select a Pass/No Pass (P/NP) grading option for any class instead of the normal letter grading scheme (i.e., A-D and F).


Q: What grade threshold would I have to reach to earn a grade of Pass (P) or No Pass (NP)?

A:  A grade of P would be given for an overall course grade of C or above, while grades of D or F would be awarded a grade of NP.


Q: Do I have to select P/NP grading for all of my classes?

A:  No.  Students have the option to pick and choose which classes are subject to the P/NP grading scheme.  The default grading scheme will be normal letter grades (with normal cumulative GPA implications) unless a student files for a class to be P/NP grading.


Q:  How will a grade of P or NP impact my grade point average?

A:  A grade of P or NP will not calculate into the cumulative grade point average, positively or negatively.


Q:  How will a grade of P or NP impact my credits accumulated?

A:  A grade of P will earn a student course credit hours for a course that can be applied toward graduation requirements.  A grade of NP will not earn credits and requirements for graduation.  NP grades and credits are considered in attempted and accumulated hours for financial aid.


Q:  How will grades of P and NP be perceived by others outside of UNT Dallas?

A:  Students requiring admission to specialized areas requiring minimum GPAs, such as Teacher Certification, should assess whether changing to a P/NP grading system would impact their ability to be admitted to the program and be certified to teach.  Other professional certifications outside of the university could also have some requirements for letter grades that could impact a student’s ability to be certified.  Also, different graduate and professional programs may view P grades as the minimum of a C grade in calculations.  It is important that you speak with an Academic Advisor before making a decision to take a class as a P/NP.


Q: When do I have to decide which grading system to use for a class (i.e., letter grade A-D and F or P/NP)?

A:  Here are the deadlines for each summer session:


Deadline for Submission at 5 pm

3-week session   (May 18 – June 6)

June 5, 2020

8-week session  (May 18 – July 11)

July 10, 2020

10-week session (June 8 – Aug 14)

August 13, 2020

5-week I session (June 8 – July 11)

July 10, 2020

5-week II session (July 13 – Aug 14)

August 13, 2020


Q: How do I apply for a course to have the P/NP grading scheme?


  1. Retrieve the Summer 2020 P/NP Temporary Grading System form on the Registrar website under the heading of Grades:
  2. Complete the form and, for each course, forward to the Instructor of Record for acknowledgment of the change in grading scheme.
  3. Once the Instructor of Record has returned acknowledgement, you must forward the form and the Instructor acknowledgment email for each class to via the UNT Dallas email only.  Please be sure P/NP Form is the subject line of the email submission.


Q: How will this impact academic standing and Dean’s/President’s Lists for Summer 2020?

A:  Given we are offering this option widely for our students in response to the remote learning environment, we will suspend the assessment of academic standings and honors for the Summer 2020 term.


Any student considering a change to P/NP grading is strongly advised to first consult with:

  • an academic advisor to discuss the impact on progress to degree
  • a financial aid counselor, especially if the student is not currently meeting satisfactory academic progress
  • the instructor of record for grade feedback and acknowledgement