Withdrawing from Classes

In effect until further notice:

Signatures for withdrawing from classes are not necessary at this time due to the current campus closure. Students need only send an email to Registrar@untdallas.edu with the subject line of "WITHDRAWAL" from their UNT Dallas email address, with all of the information that is normally required on the withdrawal form. Instructor, student, and other signatures will not be necessary at this time.

Please note that any “W” grade for the Spring 2020 term will not count toward the Texas 6 Drop regulations.

Contact registrar@untdallas.edu with any questions. 



How Do I Withdraw From a Class?

Please refer to the academic calendar for the current semester located at /academic-calendars or dallascatalog.unt.edu to determine if you need to drop a class or withdraw.

If you are withdrawing from a class after the census date (before the term or session drop deadline):
Visit the Registrar counter on the first floor in Building One (7300) and pick up a form to take to your instructor - a grade of "W" will be assigned. A grade of "W" has no effect on GPA. Once your instructor signs the form, bring it back to the Registrar counter to have the class withdrawal processed. There will be no removal of charges for the dropped course.

If you have any questions, please call the Registrar's Office at 972-780-3664 or come to the Registrar counter on first floor of Building One (7300).

How do I withdraw from all of my classes?

Check here to make sure the withdrawal deadline has not passed: (/academic-calendars). If the deadline has not passed, please complete the Add/Drop form (/important-forms) and turn it into the Registrar Office, before the withdrawal deadline.  You do not need instructor/Dean/etc. approval if you are withdrawing from all of your classes. 

What Happens if I Withdraw from the Entire Semester or Session (Withdraw from All Classes)?

Dropping or withdrawing from classes or failing to complete and pass registered hours may make you ineligible for financial aid. You must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements to maintain eligibility for financial aid as defined by the UNT Dallas Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships. For more information on UNT Dallas' SAP policies, please view the SAP guidelines.

In addition, if you drop below half-time enrollment you may be required to begin paying back your student loans. Please contact Student Financial Aid and Scholarships directly as your situation may vary.

If you officially withdraw, cease attendance or are administratively withdrawn from UNT Dallas, federal regulations require post-secondary institutions to calculate the amount of federal financial aid funds earned during the term from which you withdrew. It is possible you will owe a repayment of unearned financial aid funds to the university if you cease enrollment prior to the sixty percent (60%) completion point of any enrollment period for which you received federal financial aid funds. All financial aid funds will be canceled if your withdrawal is prior to the first day of classes or if you never attend.

To Withdraw from the Entire Semester or Session (All Courses)

Students wishing to withdraw from the entire semester or session must contact the Office of the Registrar and submit a Registration, Add, Drop, Cancellation, and Withdrawal form; along with the Withdrawing Student Survey.

Students receiving financial aid must also contact Student Financial Aid and Scholarships before dropping a class or withdrawing. Students receiving student loans may be required to complete loan exit counseling with a financial aid counselor before they are permitted to withdraw. Loan exit packets may also be mailed to students.

Leave of Absence

Graduate-level students who formally request, and are granted, a leave of absence will be exempted from the readmission requirements. A request for a leave of absence must be made through the department or program to the Office of Graduate Admissions, and is recorded on the student’s academic record by the Office of the Registrar. The leave of absence does not alter the time limits placed on graduate degrees.

Withdrawal Deadlines (withdrawing from entire semester or session)

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for withdrawal deadlines.

For withdrawal refund deadlines and credit balance information, visit https://accounts.untdallas.edu/payment-methods-and-credit-balance-information.

How Many Courses am I Allowed to Drop or Withdraw?

The following policy describes the limitation of class drops or withdrawals for undergraduate students enrolling Fall 2007 and after.

Students enrolling in higher education for the first time during the fall 2007 academic term or any term subsequent to the fall 2007 term may withdraw from a total of six courses. This total includes any course a transfer student has withdrawn at another Texas public institution of higher education. This does not apply to courses dropped prior to the census date or courses withdrawn with a grade of WF and does not apply if the student withdraws for the term or session.

Certain exceptions may be made to the limit if the student can show good cause for withdrawing from more than that number including but not limited to a showing of:

  • a severe illness or other debilitating condition that affects the student’s ability to satisfactorily complete the course;
  • the student’s responsibility for the care of a sick, injured or needy person if the provision of that care affects the student’s ability to satisfactorily complete the course;
  • the death of a person who is considered to be a member of the student’s family or who is otherwise considered to have a sufficiently close relationship to the student that the person’s death is considered to be a showing of good cause;
  • the active duty service as a member of the Texas National Guard or the armed forces of the United States of either the student of a person who is considered to be a member of the student’s family or who is otherwise considered to have a sufficiently close relationship to the student that the person’s active military service is considered to be a showing of good cause; or
  • the change of the student’s work schedule that is beyond the control of the student, and that affects the student’s ability to satisfactorily complete the course.

Requests for exception to the class withdrawal limitation must be made in writing to the student’s academic dean and must occur during the semester that the withdrawn course was taken.